Why EasyTip is the leading digital tipping app for bars and clubs...

Save Time & Costs: EasyTip's automated tip collection and distributions process saves valuable time and costs on restaurant tip admin
Flexible Payout Options: EasyTip's digital tipping platform has the most flexible distribution schedule. Tell us how often your team wants to receive tips and we will do just that
Common Tipping: Attract and retain talent by ensuring customers can say thank you to all staff members with digital tipping
Free tip collection bank card: Collect digital tips on individual staff cards
100% Transparency: Digital tipping recipients benefit from increased tips and transparency

No tipping app required!: Customers can leave a digital tip without the need to visit an app store

Our customer stories

Utilizing EasyTip across all the branches of The Grooming Company has benefited the brands, our customers, and our employees. We’ve reduced our costs, eliminated any manual processes, and supported our sustainability pledge to reduce paper usage across our branches. Our customers enjoy the convenience and confidentiality of tipping their favourite therapists. Our employees value receiving their tips directly into their accounts, further cementing the trust between the brands and the employees and eliminating any transactional hassles.

-Leila Sanii, Managing Director, The Grooming Company

110k AED

estimated savings

1.6m AED
tips received
UAE - review - Grooming

EasyTip's cashless tipping solution saves managers time, while providing customer and staff insights

tipping app UK

Automatic calculations and distribution based on percentages and hours

tipping app

Performance tracking tools and transaction details so staff can track performance

reviews in tipping app

Insights into customer reviews, ratings and staff performance

tipping app

Capture true customer experiences!

  • Intuitive feedback platform with unprecedented engagement

  • Granular detail on customer journeys to improve customer retention

  • Customisable reviews to enable better decisions and innovation

  • Integrated reviews with Google and Tripadvisor

EasyTip's activation in bars is simple and hassle-free

EasyTip offers the perfect merchandise options to be placed in optimal areas of your bar or nightclub, whether that be on the tables, welcome desk or bar area.

tipping QR code

Cards and stickers at the bar or on tables so guests can say thank you quickly and app-free

tipping QR code on receipt

QR codes on receipts in restaurants and bars so guests can leave a tip and review of the service

EasyTip tipping QR code

QR codes on Valet signs so guests ca discreetly leave a tip while waiting for their car

488x587 – NYM

Collect and spend tips instantly with the EasyTip Debit Card

EasyTip's UAE digital tipping customers can apply for the EasyTip Visa Debit Card. Our debit card gives you the ability to collect, track, save and spend tips all with no setup or monthly fees! Use your EasyTip Debit Card anywhere Visa is accepted. 

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Have more questions about digital tipping for bars and clubs?

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How do I get started?

Getting set up with EasyTip's digital tipping platform is extremely quick and straightforward.

You can start by registering your interest with us today and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how our digital platform can suit your needs.

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What happens after registration?

Once you register your interest, one of our team members will contact you and arrange onboarding for your company and team. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 1 working business day and get the digital tipping platform setup for your business immediately thereafter.

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Where can I print my QR codes?

The QR codes can be printed on receipts or bespoke merchandising. Our experienced IT team can help in configuring your printer and POS to print the QR code. 

We can also design and print bespoke merchandising with your branding that fits the style and flow of your business with QR codes.

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What are your fees?

There is a small fee for each transaction. Our platform fee is 2.6% excluding VAT. In 98% of cases, the customer is happy to cover these costs on behalf of the recipient, ensuring that the digital tipping platform is almost completely free for tipped workers.

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