Easily save and spend your tips

We have created the leading digital tipping platform to help all hospitality businesses simplify the tipping process. Our digital tipping app allows for staff to accept non cash tips via a QR code instantly.
Apply in seconds — no paperwork and receive your debit card instantly

Use your EasyTip card securely worldwide thanks to the Visa network — pay your bills, shop online and much more

Collected tips are credited directly to your EasyTip prepaid debit card
No setup or monthly fees, no minimum balances and no hidden charges
tipping debit card

Contactless payments at your fingertips

  • Shop online and in-store

    Enjoy contactless payments anytime and anywhere

  • Send money abroad

    Benefit from excellent exchange rates and transfer money instantly

  • Support you can trust

    Keep your payments secure with advanced encryption and authorisations

How to get your EasyTip Debit card

  • 1. Sign up to EasyTip

    Please register your interest to have EasyTip cashless tipping platform configured in your business

  • 2. Apply for our Debit Card

    Get the app on the Apple or Play Store, login to your existing dashboard and apply for your Visa Debit card in 7 minutes

  • 3. Collect Tips

    Easily collect tips using the tipping QR code track and save through your own personal dashboard

  • 4. Start Spending

    Use your EasyTip Debit Card online or in store, anywhere Visa is accepted

tipping debit card

Have more questions about the EasyTip Card?

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How can I get the EasyTip card?

To receive the EasyTip card you must be a registered tip recipient on the EasyTip platform and reside in the United Arab Emirates. If you would like to collect tips via the EasyTip platform, you can register here.
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How can I use my EasyTip card?

You can use your card online or in-stores in any businesses which accept VISA. 
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What is the cost of the EasyTip card?

We like to keep things simple so the EasyTip card is free to issue. There are also no monthly maintenance fee or minimum salary requirements. 
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Can I load my EasyTip card?

EasyTip card is only for the tips collected via the EasyTip platform. Only EasyTip can load the card with the tips you collected. 
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Can I add my EasyTip card to mobile wallets?

You can add the EasyTip card to Google and Samsung wallets manually. If you would like to do that follow the intructions here. We are working on adding the card to Apple wallet soon so stay tuned 

Ready to join EasyTip?

Our innovative digital tipping platform allows staff to collect, track, save and spend tips instantly. With no setup or monthly fees, the EasyTip Debit Card is hassle-free tipping solution for any hospitality business.