Tipping in London Restaurants: Go Digital With EasyTip

Tipping in London restaurants has evolved significantly over the years. 

As London embraces technology, digital solutions reshape traditional practices, including how customers tip in restaurants. For restaurant owners, adapting to these changes is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and staying competitive. This is where EasyTip comes in—a cutting-edge digital tipping solution designed to enhance the dining experience for both customers and staff.


The Shift Towards Digital Tipping in London Restaurants

In recent years, the way customers tip in restaurants has been changing. While cash tips used to be the norm, the rise of digital payments has led to increased digital tipping in London restaurants.


  • > Cash Decline: 80% of all tips in the UK are not paid in cash.
  • > Customer Preference: According to Hospitality Tech, 70% of customers said they would tip more often if a digital tipping solution was available.
  • > Impact on Staff: Businesses that implemented digital tipping with EasyTip reported a 30% increase in tips received by their staff.

The Benefits of Digital Tipping

Digital tipping in London restaurants offers numerous advantages for customers, staff and restaurant owners:


  1. > Convenience: Customers can tip directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for cash.
  3. > Transparency: Digital tips are easily tracked and managed, ensuring fair distribution among staff.
  5. > Efficiency: Streamlining the tipping process saves time for both customers and staff, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The Risks of Not Adopting Digital Tipping in Your London Restaurant

Restaurants that fail to implement digital tipping solutions risk missing out on a significant portion of potential tips for their staff members. Here’s why:


  • > Customer Expectations: With most customers prefer digital payments, not offering a digital tipping option can lead to dissatisfaction.
  • > Competitive Disadvantage: Restaurants that don’t keep up with technological advancements may lose customers to competitors who offer more convenient, transparent and modern solutions.
  • > Lost Revenue: The increase in digital tipping means that restaurants without this option may miss out on substantial additional revenue for their staff members.
Why EasyTip is the Best Solution for Tipping in London Restaurants


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EasyTip is not just another digital tipping app; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of London restaurants. 

3 reasons why EasyTip stands out:


  1. > Fair Tipping: With an automatic tip calculator and distribution based on percentages or hours worked, EasyTip ensures all staff members benefit from tipping. 
  3. > User-Friendly Interface: EasyTip’s intuitive design ensures a seamless experience for both customers, staff and restaurant owners.
  5. > Real-Time Analytics: EasyTip provides detailed reports and analytics, helping restaurant owners monitor tip distribution and staff performance.

> Compliance:  EasyTip enables business owners to monitor all tip transactions, ensuring adherence to the new tipping regulations.

Feedback from Our Clients:


" Clients find the process super simple and non-intrusive. Like the multi-tipping function which is being used by large guest tables. Guests have commented that this is a very useful feature when they want to reward several staff at once."

- David, Ping Pong

ping pong


Adopt Digital Tipping in your London Restaurant

As London’s tipping in restaurants scene continues to evolve, embracing digital tipping solutions like EasyTip is essential for staying ahead of the curve. The convenience, transparency, and efficiency offered by EasyTip make it the ideal choice for restaurants looking to enhance service for their customers and boost staff morale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your restaurant’s tipping system—choose EasyTip and join the digital revolution today.

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