How does cashless tipping work in salons and spas?

Why EasyTip is the leading cashless tipping app for salons and spas

Save Time & Costs: EasyTip's automated tip collection and distributions process saves valuable time and costs on salon tip admin
Flexible Payout Options: EasyTip's cashless tipping platform has the most flexible distribution schedule. Tell us how often your team wants to receive tips and we will do just that
Individual Tipping: Customers can directly reward individual staff members for their  service
Customer reviews: Real time insight into guest satisfaction
100% Transparency: Cashless tipping recipients benefit from increased tips and transparency

No tipping app required!: Customers can leave a cashless tip without the need to visit an app store

Our customer stories

EasyTip for us, as a business, really ensures that the staff have first-hand feedback which is imperative for a business like ours. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service so for the staff to see an immediate notification that their previous client was happy with their service and they've been tipped is a dream and a win-win.

-Alex, Managing Director, Stil Salon


Growth in tips


Average tip

EasyTip increase tips, send them faster and provide much needed transparency

cashless tipping app

Insight into customer experience through reviews and ratings management


Record of all tips for each stylist or member of staff to track performance

cashless tipping app

Statistics, balance tracking and real-time notifications when tips received

488x587 – Likes and Dislikes

Capture true customer experiences!

  • Intuitive feedback platform with unprecedented engagement

  • Data on customer journeys to improve customer retention

  • Customisable reviews to enable better decisions and innovation

  • Integrated reviews with Google and Tripadvisor

Customisable merchandising for salons and spas

EasyTip designs bespoke, customisable tipping merchandise so you can display in your salon or spa allowing customers to easily show their gratitude! From QR code stickers and stands to QR codes on receipts, EasyTip's team will work with you to find the best tipping merchandising solution.

cashless tipping card

For salons and spas, EasyTip produces bespoke tipping merchandise with your tipping QR code to be displayed in strategic locations around your business

cashless tipping QR sticker

EasyTip offers a range of merchandising solutions to fit your needs, including stickers for stations, tables, windows and more

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Ready to join EasyTip?

EasyTip's cashless tipping solution automates and distributes tips fairly and transparently for your entire salon or spa team. With flexible tipping setup, you can choose the right tipping process for your beauty business.

Have more questions about cashless tipping in salons and spas?

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How do I get started?

Getting your salon set up with EasyTip's cashless tipping platform is extremely quick and straightforward.

You can start by registering your interest with us today and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how our platform can suit your needs.

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What happens after registration?

Once you register your interest, one of our team members will contact you and arrange onboarding for your salon and team. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 1 working business day and get the cashless tipping platform setup for your business immediately thereafter.

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Where can I print my QR codes?

We can design and print bespoke merchandising with your branding that fits the style and flow of your salon with QR codes.

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What are your cashless tipping platform fees?

There is a small fee for each transaction. Our platform fee is 3.7% excluding VAT. In 98% of cases, the customer is happy to cover these costs on behalf of the recipient, ensuring that the cashless tipping platform is almost completely free for tipped salon workers.

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