How does cashless tipping work?

If your business accepts tips, EasyTip's cashless tipping platform is for you! Customers simply scan a QR code with their smartphone  to leave a contactless tip, rating and review. 

QR tipping


Customers simply scan a QR code from their mobile phone camera to access our tipping platform. No app required!

tipping app


They then choose how much tip they would like to leave and can also leave a review and rating at the same time

cashless tipping app


The tip is sent directly to the staff members(s) with real-time notifications and they can track and view all tip transactions for full transparency.

Benefits of EasyTip's cashless tipping platform... 



  • Self-reporting Option to self report taxes depending on staff needs
  • Employer reporting Option for employer to withhold taxes if necessary

  • Mixed reporting Option for businesses with self employed and employed staff
payment interface

Payment Interface

  • Percentage buttons Tip amount shown as % of the bill total
  • Custom branding Bespoke merchandising with the venue's branding
  • Custom reviews Create social media posts or link to Google, Trustpilot or TripAdvisor

Tip distribution

  • Common tips Simple and intuitive tools for fairly distributing tips
  • Individual tips Tips paid directly to individuals
  • Staff groups Option to split staff into different groups

Simple cashless tipping dashboard to see performance, and provide some much needed transparency

tipping app

Record of all cashless tips for each staff member in their own personalised tipping dashboard on the EasyTip app

tipping app

Review customer feedback and gain valuable insights into customer experiences through reviews and ratings platform

cashless tipping app

Staff can access their tip balance in real-time, view overall performance and more

tipping app

Ratings and review management with EasyTip's tipping platform

  • Monitor customer satisfaction

    Real time insight into guest satisfaction and employee performance

  • Guest appreciation

    Guests can leave feedback for areas of your business they liked

  • External review integration

    We provide a wide range of custom external integration's like Google Reviews and TripAdvisor

EasyTip offers a range of tipping merchandising options

EasyTip creates bespoke tipping merchandising for your salon, restaurant, hotel or tourism business. From QR code stickers to printing QR codes on receipts, EasyTip has a range of tipping merchandising solutions to fit your bespoke business needs so customers can say thank you easily and quickly.

tipping QR code

For many of our customers, we produce bespoke merchandising with your tipping QR code on stickers for salon station mirrors and customer waiting areas.

tipping QR code on receipt

Our QR code for tipping can be printed directly on receipts with a quick and hassle-free configuration, perfect for restaurants, or for hotel invoices.

EasyTip tipping QR code

We can also produce portable stands for mobile and outdoor businesses to increase visibility, like tourism rentals and mobile car detailing companies.

EasyTip's tipping platform works with many POS systems and takes minutes to set up

Ready to join EasyTip?

EasyTip's innovative digital tipping platform supports hospitality and services business owners, staff and customers across the UK by providing a seamless cashless tipping experience. Tell us more about your business in today!

Have more questions about cashless tipping?

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How do I get started?

Getting set up with EasyTip is extremely quick and straightforward.

You can start by registering your interest with us today and one of our team will be in touch to tailor our platform to suit your needs.

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What happens after registration?

Once you register your interest, our company representative will contact you and arrange onboarding. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 1 working day and get the platform setup for your business immediately thereafter.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, contact us now!

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Where can I print my QR codes?

The QR codes can be printed on receipts or bespoke merchandising. Our experienced IT team can help in configuring your printer and POS to print the QR code.


We can also design and print bespoke merchandising with your branding that fits the style and flow of your business with QR codes.
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How much will EasyTip cost my business?

EasyTip is completely free for businesses. There are no setup costs or contracts! In addition, we can design and print bespoke cards and stickers with your logo or configure your POS system to print our QR codes, all at zero cost.

There is a small fee for each transaction. Our platform fee is 2.9% excluding VAT. In 98% of cases, the customer is happy to cover these costs on behalf of the recipient, ensuring that the platform is almost completely free for tipped workers.