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How quickly will I receive my tips?

Payouts of tips to tip recipients depend on the tax reporting option each venue chooses. We offer two options for businesses.

Option 1: If your business wants to be responsible for withholding taxes from tips collected by your employees, EasyTip can send the gross collected tips to your business’ bank account to allow you to withhold relevant taxes via PAYE. With this setup, tips are typically paid out each month, but can be paid out as regularly as required.

Option 2: Alternatively, your staff may opt to self-report tips. Both employees and self-employed workers can choose this option. In this case, gross tips will be paid out by EasyTip directly to each staff member. With this setup, there are 3 payout options to choose from.

  1. Daily- Tip payouts at the end of every day.
  2. Weekly- Tip payouts at the end of every Thursday.
  3. Fortnightly- Tip payouts at the end of every 2nd Thursday.

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