Benefits of EasyTip's digital tipping solution



  • Self-reporting Option to self report taxes if necessary
  • Employer reporting Option for employer to withhold taxes
  • Mixed reporting Option for businesses with self employed and employed staff
payment interface

Payment Interface

  • Percentage buttons Tip amount shown as % of the bill total
  • Custom branding Bespoke merchandising with the venue's branding
  • Custom reviews Create social media posts or link to Google, Trustpilot or TripAdvisor

Tip distribution

  • Common tips Simple and intuitive tools for fairly distributing tips
  • Individual tips Tips paid directly to individuals
  • Staff groups Option to split staff into different groups

Our customer stories

EasyTip for us, as a business, really ensures that the staff have first-hand feedback which is imperative for a business like ours. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service so for the staff to see an immediate notification that their previous client was happy with their service and they've been tipped is a dream and a win-win.

Alex, Managing Director, Stil Salon


Growth in tips


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