Cashless Tipping Platform for Hair & Beauty Salons

Cashless tipping is on the rise, more and more customers want to say thank you for great service and a fun experience, no more is that apparent then in the hair and beauty industry. And with more and more of clientele going cashless, hair stylists, technicians, assistants and support staff are missing out on earning more through cashless tips! Don't let your staff fall behind, read on to learn more about our cashless tipping platform for salons, spas and beauty businesses... 

This is one of the reasons we were so passionate about creating a cashless tipping platform and app for all hospitality and service businesses. Users of our cashless tipping platform see an increase in cashless tips as customers can easily leave a tip simply by scanning a QR code from their mobile phone in under 3 seconds. No app is required, they don't need to register details or login, it's simple and hassle-free to help you get more tips!

Why is cashless tipping in a salon a good idea?

From a customer perspective, a cashless tipping platform allows them to easily leave a tip on a card, via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any credit or debit card in only a few seconds. They simply scan a QR code from their mobile phone, no app required! 

With more and more people not carrying cash, our cashless tipping platform gives salon and beauty staff more opportunity to earn more tips in a simple, hassle-free way. Plus, there are major benefits for both staff and managers with the EasyTip app. Each user get's their own personal tipping dashboard, so they can track all tip transactions for full transparency! Our cashless tipping platform also provides valuable insights into customer experience through reviews and ratings management. 

Discover more about how cashless tipping works here


My salon only accepts cash, why do I need this cashless tipping solution?

If you currently work in a salon or beauty businesses that doesn't accept tips on cards or are a manager or owner spending tons of time on tip processing and admin, our simple cashless tipping solution would work for you. Our automated tip collection and distribution process save valuable time on tipping admin so managers and owners can spend more time on other important aspects of their business. Cashless tipping is on the rise across hospitality and service industries, customers want to say thank you for great experiences, let us help you have more opportunities to earn more!

What about having to pay taxes on cashless tips?

There is no way around this, but depending on the country you are in, you may have to pay taxes on the tips you collect. For example, many customers in the UK are required to pay taxes on the cashless tips collected, regardless of if we offer workers to register as either self-employed or employed. If you want to learn more about what to expect when it comes to reporting on tips, read more on our tipping tax resource guide here. We are a platform to collect tips so we are not at liberty to advise on individual tax cases but we can help direct you to the right information.

What do existing salon customers say about our cashless tipping platform? 

We are the leading cashless tipping platform for salons and app across the UK. We understand and appreciate salon and beauty businesses unique challenges and can provide tailored support to ensure smooth and quick onboarding for staff and rollout for customers. Read on to learn what some of our salon customers are saying: 


“My team are over the moon as their tips have gone up…” - Theresa @ Saffron Hair

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how many tips we’ve generated...EasyTip is a life saver to say the least.” - Dorothy @ Scissors Palace

“It’s easy to set up and use and the team get paid directly into their bank. There’s no catch, it’s really that simple!” - Katie @ Hythe Imperial Health Club & Spa


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