Tipping point: the apps that make rewarding good service easier and fairer

Cashless services such as Tip Pot and EasyTip help customers pay restaurant staff who fear losing out

Restaurant tips are going completely digital as the pandemic accelerates the shift towards a cashless society, prompting a debate about how best to reward hospitality staff for the service.

The number of transactions made in hard currency fell by more than a third in 2020, a report found this week, with 13.7 million people living an entirely cashless life, double the number who did so in 2019.

The change also presents a problem for workers who rely heavily on gratuities. More than one in 10 Britons say they are keener than ever to tip now that hospitality has reopened, according to a survey commissioned by workplace management platform Planday, which found people in Sheffield were most likely to leave a little extra with about half of customers tipping, compared with just 29% of Nottingham residents at the bottom of the scale...

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