Why Cashless Tipping? Top 5 Reasons to Join EasyTip

As more and more of us move away from carrying cash and a new study forecasts cash will account for a mere 6% of payments within the next decade, service and hospitality businesses need to look to cashless tipping platforms and apps to ensure their staff don’t get left behind. EasyTip, the UK’s leading cashless tipping platform, was built to meet this demand! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should join our cashless tipping platform:

1. Staff receive cashless tips with ease and full transparency

With our cashless tipping platform, collecting tips has never been easier for business owners, staff and customers. Customers simply scan a QR code using their smartphone and our tipping platform will open in their browser. There is no app required to give cashless tips! Customers then choose who and how much they wish to tip. They are also presented with the option to leave a review or provide some feedback. Finally, all that is left to do is pay. Sending a cashless, contactless tip with us takes seconds and all tips are sent directly to the chosen recipient(s). It really is as easy as that to send cashless tips with us! Discover more about how cashless tipping works here.

2. Staff earn up to 30% more tips

On average, our clients are earning up to 30% more with our cashless tipping platform. We know that 83% of people in the UK are currently using contactless payments, and by not providing a contactless tipping option, many hospitality and service industries are missing out on earning more revenue! With our simple and convenient innovative tipping solution, customers can leave a tip in as little as 3 seconds. By creating a barrier free, quick process, staff are seeing an average increase in tips received overall. Staff are happy because they’re earning more, thereby increasing job satisfaction and overall job performance!

3. Cashless tipping is the ideal solution for all types of businesses

Our cashless tipping platform is straightforward to use for all businesses, whether you're a hotel, salon, restaurant, our cashless tipping solution will work for you! Discover more about who our cashless tipping platform is for here. Depending on your business needs and requirements, your customers will be able to leave cashless tips by either scanning a QR code on our free personalised merchandise or on their receipt. Our platform configures with most business setup and needs in a manner of minutes, hassle-free. Managers and owners can also decide individual or common tipping types so our tipping platform is flexible to suit your business model!

4. Staff can track and withdraw all cashless tips instantly

Receiving tips for your hard work is great for motivation for staff, that’s why each member of the team has their own personal dashboard and can track tips via their own login on the EasyTip app. The personal dashboard updates in real time so staff members can see how much they’ve earned and which happy customer has tipped them. We have various cashless tipping withdrawal options including; instant, daily, weekly and fortnightly. The cashless tips belong to the staff and we feel they should have the freedom to withdraw them and send their money directly to their banks on demand or whenever they require.

5. Business owners reduce admin related costs and responsibilities and can easily review staff performance

We know what you are thinking, a cashless tipping platform sounds great but will it add more work to a business owner’s already busy schedule? The answer is no! Not only is EasyTip free for businesses, but implementing our cashless tipping platform comes with no extra red tape so owners can spend more time on other important aspects of business. We also help you gain more customer reviews by giving your customers the option to express their experience by either leaving a review or providing some feedback when they leave a cashless tip. You can even link reviews directly to your Google Business account or share directly via Instagram. Google reviews are critical for businesses, helping your SEO, visibility and influencing potential new customers. Business owners benefit from this because they can track their teams performance and assess if anyone needs any extra guidance to improve on their service.

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Your business may benefit from our cashless tipping platform at no cost to you. So, why not sign up today for free? It’s quick, easy and free to join. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you get connected to our cashless tipping platform.

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