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How do I register as a new team member on the platform?

Registering as a new team member on the platform is easy!

1.Your EasyTip admin, which is usually your manager, will invite you to join your team with a temporary login and password via SMS message. Please provide your name, job title, phone number and email.


  1. 2. Sign-in for the first time using your temporary username and password provided in the SMS message you were sent. Alternatively, if your manager or owner adds your  email address when they add a new staff member you can log in with your email.

  3. 3. Complete your profile by adding your picture, personal information and registering your card details. Your new logins will be your email address and your new created password. You can benefit from the daily payout plan for free for 14 days. When this promo expires you can change your payout plan if you wish to.

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