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Once agreed, setup takes no time at all! We'll create bespoke merchandising and set up your team with their own personal tipping dashboard, providing support along the way!

Some of the many benefits of EasyTip's cashless tipping app 



  • Self-reporting Option to self report taxes for staff members
  • Employer reporting Option for employer to withhold taxes if needed
  • Mixed reporting Option for businesses with self employed and employed staff
payment interface

Payment Interface

  • Percentage buttons Tip amount shown as % of the bill total
  • Custom branding Bespoke merchandising with the venue's branding
  • Custom reviews Create social media posts or link to Google, Trustpilot or TripAdvisor

Tip distribution

  • Common tips Simple and intuitive tools for fairly distributing tips
  • Individual tips Tips paid directly to individuals
  • Staff groups Option to split staff into different groups

EasyTip offers a range of tipping merchandising options

EasyTip creates bespoke tipping merchandising for your salon, restaurant, hotel or tourism business.
From QR code stickers to printing QR codes on receipts, EasyTip has a range of tipping merchandising solutions
to fit your bespoke business needs so customers can say thank you easily and quickly.

tipping QR code

For many of our customers, we produce bespoke merchandising with your tipping QR code on stickers for salon station mirrors and customer waiting areas

tipping QR code on receipt

Our QR code for tipping can be printed directly on receipts with a quick and hassle-free configuration, perfect for restaurants, or for hotel invoices

EasyTip tipping QR code

We can also produce portable stands for mobile and outdoor businesses to increase visibility, like tourism rentals and mobile car detailing companies

EasyTip's tipping platform works with many POS systems and takes just a few minutes to set up!

Ready to join EasyTip?

EasyTip's innovative digital tipping platform supports hospitality and services business owners, staff and customers with a hassle-free set up and configuration. If your business accepts tips, EasyTip's tipping platform may just be for you! Please provide information about your company in our sign up form below.