Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill - what is it and how can you stay compliant?

The UK's tipping bill aims to ensure that all tips are fully and fairly paid to staff.  The tipping bill may significantly change the way tips are managed and distributed. Our digital tipping platform is the perfect solution for your business as it not only help you stay compliant with the Allocation of Tips Bill, but it supports staff, managers and customers alike!

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What is the Allocation of Tips Bill?

  • Pay full amount of tips fairly and transparently 

  • Pay tips no later than the end of the month

  • The business will not be permitted to retain any amounts from the tips collected

  • Have a written tip policy

  • Provide a record of tips received by any employee over a rolling three year period

  • Agency workers are to be entitled to tips in the same way as employees

  • Don't share customer tips between multiple business sites

How our tipping platform helps your business stay compliant

The tipping law aims to ensure all tips are fully and fairly paid to all staff members. Our tipping platform will help your restaurant, hotel or salon business stay compliant with new tipping legislation.
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Our digital tipping dashboard has dedicated tipping profiles for all staff members. Customer can choose to tip individual staff members, or split the tip

tipping app

Our tipping app dashboard records your entire digital tipping history.

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Tipping policy available to sign and share within the tipping app.



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All tips must be passed to employees in a fair and transparent manner

With EasyTip’s individual tipping method, tips are sent directly from customers to the recipient.
- Employees see tips instantly
- Employer doesn’t control or see individual transactions so is not obligated to report or bare responsibility 

With EasyTip’s common tipping method, provides a set of automated tronc tools for businesses to manage their own tronc schemes. 
- Distributions based on transparent and fair rules 
- Options to distribute tips directly to employees from EasyTip or via employer payroll

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All tips must be allocated and paid by the end of the month following the month they were collected

EasyTip individual tips are paid out depending on the schedule the tip recipient chooses. These schedules are instant, daily, weekly or fortnightly
- Compliant with new regulations
- Tip recipients control payouts not employer
- Tip recipients can receive tips many times faster than in traditional collection methods

EasyTip common tips are paid out as frequently as the troncmaster wishes. Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly – all the troncmaster needs to do is allocate the tips for the given period. 
- Compliant with new regulations
- Troncmaster controls frequency of payouts

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The employer must have a written tipping policy and a copy must be made available to all staff

The EasyTip app generates a digital tipping policy for you and your staff depending on the configurations you choose. This policy is accessible in the app and can be downloaded if required. 


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The employer will have an obligation to provide a record of tips received by any employee over a rolling three year period

With EasyTip, every transaction is at your fingertips. Just like with any banking app, users have access to configurable account statements and can see all tips, distributions and payouts for any period of time.

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Customer tips should not be shared between multiple business sites

When signing up with EasyTip, each individual outlet has its own dedicated tip collection account and QR code.



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We don't just help you stay compliant with the tipping bill. Our cashless tipping platform does so much more...

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