The future of hospitality is digital

Our cashless tipping platform helps hospitality businesses collect and distribute cashless tips quickly and hassle-free. With the strength of EasyTip and Visa, hospitality customers can reward staff easily for good service with instant* tip payouts, so customers tip your team(s) directly

How EasyTip and Visa are taking tipping to the next level

Staff receive tips in real-time*

Track individual staff and team performance

Simple, app-free tipping experience for customers

100% transparency on all tip transactions

Reduce hidden costs of managing and processing tips

Empower and retain staff by boosting their wages

How digital tipping with EasyTip and Visa works

If your business accepts tips, our cashless tipping platform is for you! Customers simply scan a QR code with their smart phone camera, leave a contactless tip, rating and review. Tips are sent directly to staff, with a real-time notification and accessed via their own personal dashboard.
QR code for tip on receipt


Customers simply scan a QR code from their mobile phone camera to access our tipping platform. No app required!

tipping app


Then choose the amount of tip they would like to leave as well as leave a review and rating in just a few seconds.

tipping app


The tip is sent directly to the staff members(s) with real-time notifications and they can track and view all tip transactions for full transparency.


Issy's Belgravia

Issy’s is a leading sustainable hair salon in the heart of Belgravia, London. Since joining EasyTip, they have seen an impressive 144% increase in tips in just their first 6 month of using our cashless tipping platform. The platform has also helped them save valuable business time and cut down on tip distribution related costs.

growth in tips in first 6 months
average tip per transaction

With EasyTip we've saved a lot of time on admin because it's just there in the background, it works all fluidly and we don't have to think about it. You save money because people aren't adding money on top of their cards that you have to pay interest on. It's a lot simpler, smoother, process.

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*Actual fund availability varies by receiving financial institution and region